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AZ Residents - Eligible for a $400 / $800 Tax Credit!


We envision a safe, healthy, connected community

Arizona Residents - You can receive a dollar for dollar tax credit for your donation, up to $421 per year if you file taxes as a single filer, up to $841 per year if you file jointly with your spouse. This program keeps tax dollars local, improving our beautiful community!

As a community-based health and wellness organization, our main focus areas include healthcare, connection, safety, and support.

If you have a preference on what you would like your donation to support, please let us know!

Community donations like yours have supported a wide range of community benefit, including:

  • Purchasing a biliblanket, helping newborns with jaundice avoid hospitalization
  • Providing students with sports or kindergarten physicals at no cost
  • Providing women with mammogram screenings at no cost
  • Improving access to behavioral health services
  • Supporting community-based youth sports and recreation activities
  • Distributing free car seats for low income parents
  • Distributing free dirt bike helmets for our local teenagers
  • Hosting community-based events, such as quarterly dental days
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